Camera obscura #1


After building my first experimental camera obscuras (a room in my house, a large wooden box, both fitted with lenses and photographic paper) I realized where the power of the camera obscura lies. To be able to eliminate most senses of being present at a given place in order to focus on what optical representation means. The essence of photography. I needed to get inside the camera and bring it into the world. To be an observer. Not to participate. To immerse myself in the visual representation of reality. It was my house for two years.

Working principle
A construction trailer is completely darkened. A lens is placed in the wall. An image of the outer world is projected on a panel inside the camera covered with photographic paper. The paper is then developed using the on board developing system. A tractor provides mobility.

Special thanks to Molenmakersbedrijf Groot Wesseldijk  and Kees and Wil Tilleman for providing space to built the camera.

Works made with this camera
among others: H03-3, H03-6, H03-7, H04-22

Impressions of working on location: