159×220 cm
Photographic ceramic relief, stoneware, made during a residency at the EKWC

in the collection of the Korea Ceramic Foundation


Visual artist Maarten Heijkamp creates monumental photographic works with the aid of self-built camera obscuras. The work questions photographic representation and our perception of objects. He was struck by parallels between ceramic glazes and the photographic emulsion and developed a method to expose the photographic image directly onto wet clay panels inside a large format camera obscura. In this work, photography, as an extremely volatile medium, meets the timeless nature of ceramics.

Creating his own tools for image-making, the tools themselves become the subject of his work. The work HCW10-01 is an ode to the most basic of tools – his wooden saw bench. Here Maarten Heijkamp investigates the interplay between functional and sculptural qualities of tools and their translation into spatial architectural scale. By engraving into the freshly glazed clay surface, he translates the nearly tangible projection in the camera obscura into a new tactility. Engraving a line provokes the glaze tendency to crawl, pull up under its surface tension, letting the material take over.